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Level 4: Boss Fight Lakewood Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.8 Level 4: Boss Fight is a balanced IPA that will be enjoyed by a wide audience. It falls in line with what you expect for a double dry hopped IPA coming in at 10.5%, but it doesn’t do anything to stand out.


  • Price (6pack): N/A
  • Style: Double IPA (N/A IBU)
  • ABV: 10.5%
  • Brewery: Lakewood Brewing
  • Location: Garland, TX

Level 4 is the last of the small batch series offered by the Lakewood Brewing Co. The series provided a video game theme with four IPA creations in 2020. The series will not be mainstays, so you may have missed your window to try the beers, but this was a fun concept. We anticipate Lakewood will continue brewing unique concoctions in the upcoming years, so stay tuned.


Overall Score: 6.8

It’s fitting that Level 4 of the small batch series is a double IPA. I’m glad Lakewood Brewing knew what they were doing with a boss level for a beer. Level 4 is a good double IPA, but a step below great/exceptional. Double IPAs are a favorite of mine due to bolder flavors, strong hops…and the quick impact :). Level 4 is balanced and finds a happy medium in bolder flavors and hops. Those that don’t typically purchase a double IPA will enjoy this offering. For a double IPA, this could’ve brought more intense flavors to the palate. The comparable video game boss is Bowser. He’s a classic villain that everyone enjoys, but doesn’t offer the strongest opposition to a dude with a comical mustache that gets high on mushrooms to grow in size…Mario made psychedelic trips mainstream and we love him for that (I mean you’d have to be tripping balls to casually ride a dinosaur with no questions). Cheers Degenerates!


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