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Little Sumpin’ Hazy Lagunitas Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.6 Little Sumpin’ Hazy offers strong hops and bolder flavors for a hazy IPA. Reception will be mixed depending on palate. For those that enjoy hops and bolder flavors, this is a great hazy IPA. It’s a well balanced beer for the overall IPA community.


Brewery Insights: Little Sumpin’ Hazy is an unfiltered IPA with slightly higher IBUs than most hazy beers. Per Lagunitas, this IPA brings “grain filter that whitens your teeth, lifts your cheekbones, and only shows your good side.” The site itself is even more incoherent and seems like someone wrote the excerpt on a heroine bender. While some may be concerned, Degenerates are intrigued…and confused.


Overall Score: 6.6

Little Sumpin’ Hazy has a darker complexion than most hazy beers, which is appealing to IPA drinkers seeking stronger hops. The palate matches the appearance; this is a hoppy and bold hazy IPA. It drinks more like a solid 8% IPA than a 7.2% hazy. For my bolder palate, this is one the best hazy IPAs due to the elevated hops and moderate citrus flavors. Typical hazy drinkers may be disappointed for the limited haze and stronger hops (but fuck ’em). Lagunitas is consistent and average as a large craft brewery with extensive reach, but Little Sumpin’ Hazy is a solid beer and one that will be enjoyed by a wide audience. My biggest criticism is the awful name; you can’t tell your friends you’re drinking this without getting ridiculed and tucking your dick. Cheers Degenerates!


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