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Luponic Distortion #17 Firestone Walker Brewing Review

Overall Score: 5.7 Luponic Distortion #17 is a decent beer with low to moderate hops and strong lime notes. While it seeks to provide creativity with additional fruit flavors, they’re not noticeable. It’s an easy drinking IPA.


Brewery Insights: Luponic Distortion #17 is part of Firestone Walker’s signature IPA Series and seeks to bring mind-bending hops balanced with lime, blueberry, and pomelo.


Overall Score: 5.7

Luponic Distortion #17’s appearance is light for an IPA. The palate is low to moderate in hops with strong lime flavors and zero blueberry notes. It’s tough for a group of Degenerates to speak on pomelo flavoring, since we had to Google it (we linked wiki if you’re as dumb as us). LD #17 provides citrus flavors, so it’s possible pomelo is in there. Ultimately, the beer is slightly above average, but nothing special.

Degenerate Discussion

Luponic Distortion #17 claims to offer a hint of lime, blueberry and pomelo, but they forgot two of the ingredients. This is a low hop beer with lime flavoring. The claim of blueberry notes is a worse lie than Fauci telling us not to use masks, then backtracking the next week and telling us to wear mask. Fortunately, we still enjoy Firestone Walker, whereas, Fauci is more of a meme than a immunologist. He continued digging his grave when he told us to add more masks. Dementia will do that to you. Cheers Degenerates!


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