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Moon Rambler Founders Brewing Review

Overall Score: 5.0 Moon Rambler is a disappointing beer with limited flavor. There’s light hops and the only interesting quality is the creaminess of the oats and milk sugar.


  • Price (6 pack): $13
  • Style: IPA (49 IBU)
  • ABV: 6.4%
  • Brewery: Founders Brewing
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Brewery Insights: Moon Rambler provides tropical fruitiness in an IPA that features milk sugar for creaminess and a hint of sweetness. The bitters, oats and wheat bring the beer together for a unique palate.


Overall Score: 5.0

The appearance is extremely light, clear, and scary…as you begin to worry if there will be any flavor. The concerns are validated on your first drink as ‘average’ is the only word that comes to mind to describe the taste. The bitters and hops are muted, and it’s difficult to identify any specific flavor. The fruitiness is even dull, which leaves you questioning the desired outcome. The saving characteristic is the interesting mouth feel and creaminess of Moon Rambler. The oats and milk sugar create an interesting palate that makes it moderately satisfying, but still can’t quite save it.

Degenerate Discussion

Moon Rambler should blast off to the moon, crash, and burn in hell. Founders Brewing probably wouldn’t mind the outcome either considering they’re a great brewery and this beer is their red-headed stepchild. Crazy that our middle school gym teacher repeatedly screamed at us, “I’ll beat you like a red-headed stepchild,” in the early 2000’s, and no one blinked. To be fair to him, he was in his 70’s and everyone called him shit-leg because of a birth mark…society has changed drastically in a short time. This is a boring beer, but it has a decent palate from the milk sugar (only redeeming quality). Cheers to our red head community, the lesser known shit-leg community, and our Degenerates!


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