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Neon Rainbows Ommegang Brewery Review

Overall Score: 6.7 Neon Rainbows is solid NE style IPA with balanced flavors – hops, haziness, and juiciness.


  • Price (4 pack): $16
  • Style: New England Style IPA (45 IBU)
  • ABV: 6.7%
  • Brewery: Ommegang Brewery
  • Location: Cooperstown, NY

Brewery Insights: Neon Rainbows is a whore for hops – leveraging mosaic, simcoe, citra, centennial, and topaz in primary hopping, and mosaic, simcoe, citra, and topaz dry-hopping. The intention is to provide a full spectrum beer with vibrant haze and juiciness. It’s unfiltered and double dry-hopped.


Overall Score: 6.7

Neon Rainbows is a good New England-Style IPA with balanced flavors. The color is slightly dark for NE IPAs, but on par with what you expect. The hops are moderate with decent haze and juicy flavors. For bolder drinkers, it doesn’t change the world, but it doesn’t ruin it either. Those that enjoy NE IPAs, will consider this a great offering. As a Degenerate with a stronger palate, I’m glad I tried it and have no regrets, but I would look for hoppier IPAs. Neon Rainbows is a solid beer when you look into the fridge and know you’re drunk, but you still want a beer, and you know you can’t handle something with a high ABV…that was the exact moment I experienced when grabbing this and I wasn’t disappointed. Cheers Degenerates!


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