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Old Forester Rye Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 8.8 Old Forester Rye is a highly recommended rye whiskey based on taste and price. This should be a common bottle for those with small or large whiskey collections.


  • Price: $24
  • Proof: 100 (50% ABV)
  • Type: Rye
  • Age: No Statement Age
  • Distillery: Brown-Forman
  • Visit the distillery page at Old Forester Rye


Nose: the nose is moderate and you pickup the spice from the rye in the mash bill (65%). This whiskey’s surprise isn’t the rye as anyone can see in the name, but it’s the unusually high malted barley usage (20%). It’s a nice smell and start to the experience.

Palate: Rye whiskeys can seem unfair to describe and rate based on the bolder flavors from the rye and my acquired palate for stronger tasting notes. Old Forester doesn’t disappoint with good heat from the 100 proof distilling, which is high for the price. The taste doesn’t separate itself from comparable ryes like Woodford, but OF Rye is the better option neat, whereas, Woodford is recommended for cocktails. If this is your first time drinking rye, prepare for slightly bolder flavors and spice. I recommend building a palate to enjoy a greater variety of whiskeys as many of the ryes are among my favorites and are preferred options for cocktails not named old fashioned.

Finish: the finish is long and lasting due to the added spice of the rye. For consistent whiskey drinkers or those with a bolder palate, the finish and strong flavors are a top reason for seeking a Rye whiskey. Newer whiskey drinkers may consider sticking to bourbon before purchasing OF Rye. This is a good whiskey at a great price


Overall Score: 8.8 (score reflects taste and price)

Old Forester is a personal favorite as a distillery and they create an impressive 100 proof rye whiskey at an unbeatable price. OF Rye is best enjoyed neat rather than in a cocktail like many of its rye competitors. It offers moderate complexity, spiced flavors, and a long lasting finish.

Degenerate Discussion

I first tried Old Forester Rye at a buddy’s house and he asked me to guess the price. I took a moment, considered the Old Forester Whiskey Row Series and quickly responded with a guess of ‘something in the $40’s.’ He smiled because he knew I was over in my estimation; he’s kind of a dick for getting enjoyment out of me looking like an idiot, but I would do the same to anyone. Once I knew the price, I rushed out to grab a bottle like toilet paper during the pandemic. The urgency of grabbing OF Rye is more logical though than the frenzied, toilet paper purchases we experienced in 2020. It’s great to know the downfall of society is easier to spot than stock market shifts, just monitor ass wiping behaviors and prepare for the worst. Fortunately, OF Rye is an easily accessible bottle and has maintained a low price since release. Calmly run out and grab a bottle; cheers degenerates.


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