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Old Rasputin North Coast Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 6.3 Old Rasputin is one of the highest rated Russian Imperial Stouts on the market, and we kind of hate it. A hop-forward stout sounds fun, but it’s not a great experience. This beer is best enjoyed in a dark bar watching soccer.


Brewery Insights: Old Rasputin has a cult following for providing a rich and intense stout with a warm finish. It follows an 18th Century English brewing tradition.


Overall Score: 6.3

Old Rasputin is a decorated and highly awarded beer. The aromas are limited and the palate tastes like bread. The elevated bitters provide high malt and hops in the finish. You understand the cult following for a business carrying forward a tradition, but this beer doesn’t taste good; simple as that. Old Rasputin is the most hop-forward and bitter stout on the market, which seems to be the audience. It keeps a decent score based on it’s overall reception and unique craft.

Degenerate Discussion

Old Rasputin follows an 18th century brewing process and you can tell. It tastes nostalgic and old, like the brewery never learned any technological advancements for crafting beer. It tastes like Old Rasputin’s zombie is still brewing this shit…and the brewery isn’t even hiding it. Either Old Rasputin was Abraham Lincoln’s uglier brother (a near impossible statement) or the picture on the label is the actual zombie. This beer is a favorite in the beer community, but people are only saying that because of the tradition. This is an average beer, stop saying otherwise. Cheers Degenerates!


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