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Orange Crush Back Bay Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.1 Orange Crush IPA resembles a traditional “Orange Crush” which is a decent IPA for its flavor.


Brewery Insights: Tons of late addition hops in this IPA bring out a ton of tropical flavor. Sweet orange peels and vanilla beans were used to add to the crushable orange flavor.


Overall Score: 6.1

Orange crush IPA has a opaque yellow look with not a lot of lacing or head to it but it does have a decent orange aroma with a bit of a tangy aftertaste. Its a basic mild beer named after the famous “Orange Crush” that you will see everywhere in the Mid-Atlantic. For being an Orange Crush it doesn’t have much smell to it and in a sense, I personably would rather have a traditional fresh orange crush on tab. If your looking for something to pick up resembling an orange crush I’d recommend it, its nothing special but you will enjoy it.

Degenerate Discussion

If you are from the DMV or have visited, you mostly have seen an “Orange Crush” on the menu. If you want to try one I’d recommend getting a freshly squeezed one, if you see a bartender pouring orange juice in your glass then tell them politely to fuck off. I’ve had plenty of unknown blackouts drinking these and I don’t regret any regrets that I’ve done. Cheers Degenerates!


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