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Panther Cub Founders Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.0 Panther Cub is a solid porter, which earns it added points. The low to moderate sweetness from the vanilla and syrup pair well with the bourbon barreling for a strong outcome.


  • Price (4 pack): $15
  • Style: Porter (30 IBU)
  • ABV: 9.2%
  • Brewery: Founders Brewing
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Brewery Insights: Panther Cub is a porter with maple syrup and vanilla extract aged in bourbon barrels. The combination is seeking to provide deep and robust flavors.


Overall Score: 7.0

Panther Cub is a darker porter, similar to a stout. The brewery site suggests aromas of maple syrup and vanilla extract, but it isn’t noticeable, so the nose has limited impact on the experience. The flavor is rich and smooth, comparable to a delicious stout. The key difference between a porter and a stout is porters don’t use roasted malts, which slightly changes the flavor profile. Personally, I prefer stouts, but this is a great porter that balances the sweetness of maple syrup and vanilla (low to moderate) with the malty dark ale. The finish has a slight uptick in sweetness that delivers a pleasing ending. Porter and stout enthusiasts will enjoy this beer. The only question you’re left wondering is why the panther looks more like a punk-ass house cat ready to pounce on an underserving guest than an actual panther. We’ll stop trying to solve that one and say cheers, Degenerates!


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