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Phantasmagoria Prairie Artisan Ales Review

Overall Score: 5.1 Phantasmagoria is a miss from Prairie Aritsan Ales. They fail to deliver a solid DIPA as it leans towards citrus and hazy notes with limited hops.


Brewery Insights: Phantasmagoria combines a blend of malts and hops with citrus and piney flavors to create a perfectly crafted DIPA.


Overall Score: 5.1

Phantasmagoria has an exceptionally light color for a DIPA. The appearance concerns are justified as the palate is below average. This is a hazy beer masquerading as a DIPA. The citrus flavors are extreme and the hops our low (slightly noticeable). I love Prairie for their unique beers and delicious stouts/sours, but it’s disappointing they made a terrible DIPA.

Degenerate Discussion

Apparently, Phantasmagoria is a horror video game released in 1995. That seems fitting, since the taste of this beer is borderline horrific and almost as shitty as that video game (checkout the YouTube video for 30 seconds). The flavors are heavy citrus with strong haze, none of which you expect in a DIPA. McLovin’s ID in Superbad was more believable than the stats on Phantasmagoria (8% DIPA). Avoid this beer and the video game, but cheers Degenerates!


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