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Pink Guava Funk Prairie Artisan Ales Review

Overall Score: 6.6 Pink Guava Funk is a refreshing and delicious sour with moderate flavors. It lacks uniqueness, but most will be back for a repeat purchase.


Brewery Insights: Sour ale with pink guava.


Overall Score: 6.6

Pink Guava Funk looks like a typical beer, which is uncommon for a sour. The palate has moderate tartness and mild sour flavors. It’s an easy-drinking ale and incredibly refreshing. The guava notes are tame and pair well with the tart and sour notes. This beer gains points for delectable flavors and the ability to consume multiple without being overwhelmed. However, it loses points for limited creativity. Overall, this is a good sour and recommended purchase.

Degenerate Discussion

Pink Guava Funk has the vibe of a cider based on drinkability and moderate flavors, but the tartness makes it superior. It’s like when someone says you look like someone else, and you hope they follow it by saying, “…but skinnier and better looking.” Unfortunately, Degenerates rarely hear that comment. It’s more likely you’ll hear them say, “…but you’re a bigger piece of shit.” Cheers to Pink Guava for being the better version of a cider, and a tasty option for Degenerate pieces of shit.


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