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Prairie Noir Prairie Artisan Ales Review

Overall Score: 9.1 Prairie Noir is an exceptional imperial stout that exceeds expectations with beautiful mocha and chocolate flavors.


Brewery Insights: Prairie Noir is an imperial stout aged in oak whiskey barrels.


Overall Score: 9.1

Prairie Noir is a near masterpiece that checks all the boxes you expect in an imperial stout. The palate is mildly sweet, which opens this beer to a wide audience. I enjoyed this with a friend who’s lukewarm on stouts, and he really enjoyed it. Mocha is the strongest flavor and pairs perfectly with the subtle chocolate notes that end in a creamy finish. The aging in whiskey barrels offers added complexity as you notice oak in the palate. The roasted barley is mild and balances well with the other flavors. Every stout enthusiast will enjoy this offering!

Degenerate Discussion

Prairie Noir is one of the rare situations where expensive is better. The $14 price tag for a 12oz bottle is worth it. Usually expensive products are just a scheme for taking money from rich people. Those ugly ass Yeezy shoes are a great example. I can feel the anger of some pissed off ‘sneakerhead’ building as I write this sentence, but fuck ’em, it’s an honest statement. You’re better off buying golden toilet paper to wipe your ass than those worthless shoes. Thank you to Prairie for coming through with a product that meets the high price point. Cheers to them and all Degenerates!


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