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Rittenhouse Rye Bottled-In-Bond Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 6.9 Rittenhouse Rye is a solid whiskey with elevated heat and bolder flavors. The complexity and finish are limited, but there is good value for this inexpensive bottle.


  • Price: $27
  • Proof: 100 (50% ABV)
  • Type: Rye
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • Distillery: Heaven Hill
  • Visit the distillery page at Rittenhouse Rye


Nose: The smell is intense for a 100 proof whiskey. I was shocked when I put the glass to my nose. You can smell the heat and strong whiskey notes. This is an exciting start.

Palate: The palate matches the nose as you experience immediate heat and strong flavors. The heat is slightly above medium and more than anticipated for a 100 proof whiskey. Rittenhouse uses 51% rye, so the spiciness is low to moderate and not overpowering (the corn usage is above 35% for the mash bill). This whiskey is positioned towards drinkers with a bolder palate. It lacks smoothness that some consumers may seek. All around, it’s a good, but not great whiskey. This is a nice bottle for cocktails or served on ice.

Finish: The finish lasts a few seconds with various whiskey notes. It lacks complexity and is best described as a decent finish. I enjoyed this bottle with friends and all provided positive feedback. Unfortunately, Rittenhouse Rye can be difficult to find, which is why we recommend Drizly to track this one down (i.e. it’s not at Total Wine).


Overall Score: 6.9 (score reflects taste and price)

Rittenhouse Rye uses a lower rye mash bill (51%) and powerful heat to create a unique experience. If consumed neat, this is intended for whiskey drinkers with a bolder palate. Everyone will appreciate this bottle on ice or served in a cocktail. The finish is limited and lacks complexity, but the price is perfectly aligned with the taste. Heaven Hill distillery is widely respected and this is a solid offering from them. We recommend Rittenhouse Rye for the value you receive.

Degenerate Discussion

My first time purchasing Rittenhouse Rye was also my first experience staying at a mansion. A group of 11 Degenerates descended upon a 12 bedroom palace in a small lake town. The outcome was obvious, a 72 hour drinking session full of laughs and amazing times. I woke up one morning to the sweet sound of the Circle of Life from Lion King; needless to say, it was a special experience. Rittenhouse Rye was part of the journey and held its own among the chaos. The bold and intense palate was the perfect reminder to slow the fuck down, since I was in my 30’s (still didn’t work). The only thing that overshadowed Rittenhouse was playing WAP at all the local bars. Fortunately, the townies leaned in and partied with us, while we all said Cheers Degenerates!

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