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Russian Imperial Stout Saint Arnold Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.2 Saint Arnold’s Russian Imperial Stout has incredible craftsmanship, but average flavors that make it a missed opportunity.


  • Price (1 can): $10
  • Style: Russian Imperial Stout (N/A IBU)
  • ABV: 11.5%
  • Brewery: Saint Arnold Brewing
  • Location: Houston, TX

Brewery Insights: Russian Imperial Stout is aged in bourbon barrels with cocoa, coffee and vanilla. Four Roses barrels are used to age and blend this beer for 14 months. The coffee was sourced from Catalina Coffee and the chocolate from Xocolla Craft Chocolate.


Overall Score: 6.2

The details of this beer are sexier than the taste. I nearly came while reading about the barreling and sourcing process, only to be let down by the palate. This is a slightly above average stout that leads me to believe they wasted their time in the craftsmanship. You could put this next to 80% of Russian imperial stouts that have no uniqueness, and you couldn’t tell the difference. Fortunately, Russian imperial stouts are generally good and this one isn’t terrible. However, not the best thing to say about a $10, 12oz beer.

Degenerate Discussion

This beer would taste better if you consume it while fucking a Russian mail-ordered bride. Sadly, that’s not a luxury most of us will ever experience, so we’re left with an average beer from a Texas brewery. I mean, I’d even drink it while banging a Texan chick, but she better not have that dumb accent (I can say it since I live here). Cheers to Texas, Russia, and all Degenerates!


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