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Sasquatch Reserve 903 Brewers Review

Overall Score: 7.1 Sasquatch Reserve is an enjoyable 13% imperial milk stout with moderate coffee flavors and light coconut.


  • Price (1 can): $9
  • Style: Imperial Stout (N/A IBU)
  • ABV: 13.0%
  • Brewery: 903 Brewers
  • Location: Sherman, TX

Brewery Insights: Sasquatch Reserve doesn’t have a webpage dedicated to the beer. The can tells us this is an imperial chocolate milk stout aged in oak barrels with coffee beans and coconut. 903 should pay someone that can run a website and write articles considering how great their beers are.


Overall Score: 7.1

The coffee notes are the most distinct in the palate, mixed with creamy roasted barely flavors. Light coconut is noticed in the finish, which provides a subtle ending to an enjoyable experience. The barrel aging brings down the booziness for this 13% monster and balances the flavors to make it a smooth sipper. It’s not the craziest beer around, but it should appease the masses.

Degenerate Discussion

Fortunately, Sasquatch Reserve doesn’t taste like Big Foot’s dick. Can you imagine how nasty that 19 inch mega-cock looks and smells? He’s constantly in the forest, scavenging for food and murdering other animals. Also, he’s the only one around, so he’s not getting any hot sasquatch snatch. Think about the backed up load brewing in those balls! Getting back to brewing, this is a solid beer from a great brewery. Cheers Degenerates!


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