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Say When Saloon Door Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.3 Say When is a slightly above average DIPA that lacks boldness, with moderate flavors and hops.


Brewery Insights: Say When is a light, crisp and refreshing IPA developed with an American lager in mind.


Overall Score: 6.3

Say When has a nice, darker tint for an IPA. The palate is solid with moderate hops and creamy malts. In a blind taste test, you’re never guessing this is a 9.5% beer (tastes 7.0-7.5%), which is a detractor considering this is a DIPA. Overall, it’s a good IPA that’s very balanced and smooth, but it lacks bolder flavors you expected based on the statistics and appearance.

Degenerate Discussion

Say When is the comment the bartender asks me when pouring liquor in my cocktail, and I never say when. Treat me like a Degenerate and keep filling that glass. Unfortunately, Saloon Door Brewing ‘said when’ to early on this DIPA as it relates to hops and flavors. They bitched out quicker than one of your pussy-whipped buddies. It’s a decent beer that had a chance to be great. The same description for most Degenerates that found alcohol and decided being mediocre was better and easier than greatness. Cheers Degenerates!


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