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Single Barrel Whiskey Reviews

This article serves as a guide for Degenerate single barrel whiskey recommendations.

Single Barrel Rankings

This list ranks all single barrel whiskeys reviewed by DWD. Check out our article on single barrel whiskeys for an explanation on single barrel processing. Single barrel whiskey is our bottom bitch given the unique flavors and variation between bottles…if only this shit wasn’t so expensive. Cheers Degenerates!

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1. Henry McKenna Single Barrel – 9.0

Visit Henry McKenna Single Barrel for the full Degenerate review. Henry McKenna is difficult to find and it’s unfortunate. This is a well-balanced whiskey with moderate heat and a great flavor profile. It is one of the best whiskeys on the market considering its price and taste; not to mention the uniqueness of aging, proof, single barrel processing and bottled-in-bond (talk about checking a lot of boxes for a collection). This whiskey is enjoyed neat or in any preferred form.

2. Four Roses Single Barrel – 8.8

Visit Four Roses Single Barrel for the full Degenerate review. Four Roses Single Barrel is one of the greatest values on the market and exceeds expectations. The complexity and character of the whiskey are difficult to match at any price. The single barrel processing adds attention to detail, and it pays off with a quality whiskey deserving of its many awards. Four Roses uses a high rye mash bill (35%) for bolder flavors and added spice. This whiskey should be on every Degenerate’s shelf regardless of the size of the collection.

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3. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof Whiskey – 8.7

Visit Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof for the full Degenerate review. This is a whiskey masterpiece that leverages barrel proof distilling to create a truly unique and flavorful experience. The whiskey is approachable and best consumed neat to appreciate everything it has to offer, but it would also be great on ice for someone looking to reduce the heat/proof. The flavor profile is remarkable, causing us to label this is as ‘the go-to’ barrel proof whiskey for all Degenerates.

4. Eagle Rare 10 – 8.0

Visit Eagle Rare 10 for the full Degenerate review. Eagle Rare 10 offers incredible value for $38 with extended maturation and single barrel processing. Russell’s Reserve 10 Year offers the same features, but it doesn’t compare to Eagle Rare in flavor or complexity. This bottle deserves the cult following its developed over the years. Buffalo Trace continues to bring the best whiskeys to market. Drizly is the best way to find this bottle as you won’t see it at larger liquor stores.

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5. Wild Turkey Single Barrel – 7.7

Visit Wild Turkey Single Barrel for the full Degenerate review. Wild Turkey Single Barrel doesn’t change the game, but it does everything right. The complexity and flavor of this whiskey rivals most bottles in the same price range, which is a bold statement. The only detractor is the moderate heat and lack of bold flavors (see how I used bold in a positive/negative context? gotta keep you guessing). The composite score of this whiskey from a broad audience (new whiskey drinkers, experienced drinkers, various palates, etc.) would be extremely high. This is exactly what you expect from a single barrel whiskey distilled by Wild Turkey…but it’s not significantly more than you expect. A great taste and worthy purchase.

6. Baker’s Single Barrel 7 – 7.3

Visit Baker’s Single Barrel 7 for the full Degenerate review. Baker’s Single Barrel 7 offers a great experience through rich flavors and exceptional complexity. However, it lacks bolder flavors that are anticipated from a single barrel at 107 proof. The heat is low to moderate, but the character of this whiskey shines with unique taste and a solid, smooth finish. The darker colors are likely attributed to the crafted barreling process and make this bourbon stand out among most bottles under $60.

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7. Michter’s Straight Rye – 6.7

Visit Michter’s Straight Rye for the full Degenerate review. Micther’s US 1 Kentucky Straight Rye is a single barrel rye distilled at a modest 86.6 proof. It offers exceptional craftsmanship, providing rich, smooth flavors and moderate spiciness and complexity. However, it lacks bolder flavors sought in a rye whiskey. This will be a favorite for some Degenerates, but it may come up short for others. I lean to bolder flavors, and I still enjoy the great taste of this whiskey and would recommend it to all (temper expectations though).

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