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Plum Conundrum Prairie Artisan Ales Review

Overall Score: 6.4 Plum Conundrum looks bold and tastes bolder. This is an intense palate filled with sweet plum flavors and moderate sourness. It’s unique, but a little much.


Brewery Insights: Plum Conundrum is a sour ale with plum, blackberry and black currant flavors.


Overall Score: 6.4

Plum Conundrum has a dark purple tint. The taste matches the appearance as you’re greeted with intense flavors. The plum and blackberry notes dominate your palate, while the black currant provides complexity in the finish. This is a sour you may consider splitting due to the heavy flavors. It’s an interesting brew that’s worth trying, but you’ll only want one.

Degenerate Discussion

Plum Conundrum sour ale is a bit of a conundrum. The creativity and bold flavors are on display, but they’re slightly overpowering. Each drink is intense and makes you gag a little bit (insert your favorite pornstar’s name here). It receives style points for boldness and can art. The can reminds us of Beavis and Butthead for some reason, which brings back childhood memories and makes us want GWAR tickets. Cheers to pornstars, B&B and all Degenerates!


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