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Small Batch Whiskey Reviews

This article serves as a guide for Degenerate small batch whiskey recommendations.

Small Batch Rankings

This list ranks all small batch whiskeys reviewed by DWD. Check out our article on small batch whiskeys for an explanation on small batch processing. Every fellow Degenerate should have a sizable thirst for a tasty small batch whiskey…except for the low scores. Avoid that shit like your life depends on it. Cheers Degenerates!

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1. Buffalo Trace – 9.1

Visit Buffalo Trace for the full Degenerate review. Buffalo Trace is the flagship bourbon of one of the greatest distilleries in the world and it shouldn’t be a surprise they create a special whiskey at a low price. It’s smooth with limited heat but generates diverse flavors that make it a special experience and causes you to be jealous of 2010 when it was easy to find in stores.

2. Elijah Craig Small Batch – 9.0

Visit Elijah Craig Small Batch for the full Degenerate review. Elijah Craig leverages 8-12 year aging partnered with a small batch process to create an enjoyable experience for all whiskey drinkers. The palate provides moderate heat with complex flavors that continue after the initial drink. The taste and finish are difficult to match at the price, but the smoothness may be limiting to those with a bolder palate. This is a quality bottle and a must-have for all consumers.

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3. E.H. Taylor Small Batch – 8.1

Visit E.H. Taylor Small Batch for the full Degenerate review. E.H. Taylor Small Batch is a high-quality bourbon that rivals more expensive alternatives. The palate and finish are excellent and deserve praise for their complexity. This whiskey leverages small batch and bottle-in-bond processing to create exceptional craftsmanship. It’s a shame this whiskey is subject to allotment and difficult to find. If you’re fortunate enough to find a bottle, purchase it without hesitation and brag to your friends.

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