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Sour IPA New Belgium Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.1 Sour IPA receives credit for properly balancing sour and IPA flavors, but it still lacks uniqueness and exceptional flavors, which lands it somewhere in the middle.


Brewery Insights: Sour IPA balances a dry-hop sour with a fruit-forward, hazy IPA for a refreshing and acidic mixture. The IPA is brewed first and blended with a 25% mixture of their golden sour.


Overall Score: 6.1

Sour IPA has an expected appearance that matches the 75% hazy IPA with added cloudiness of a 25% sour. The initial palate is sour forward as the lower portion of the mixture takes the lead based on stronger tasting notes. Interestingly, the finish is moderately hoppy and leaves you impressed that both aspects of the beer are distinguishable. The tropical and fruit flavors are mild, which blend with the sourness of the beer. New Belgium Brewing suffers from their size and distribution, which is the same with Sour IPA, as the the creativity of the beer still lacks uniqueness and delicious flavors. New Belgium continues to top craft brewery lists, but that’s only because the money and power they yield. They’ll continue to get average ratings from us unless they improve the taste of their beers…or pay us (we’re not above shit around here). Cheers Degenerates!


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