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Space Cake Clown Shoes Brewing Review

Overall Score: 8.9 Space Cake is a near perfect double IPA with delicious hops and moderate citrusness. Craft beer drinkers and IPA enthusiasts should savor this great offering.


Brewery Insights: Space Cake brings robust hops with intense juicy and tropical flavors, paired with slight sweetness and moderate booziness. It’s an approachable DIPA, but the flavors are bold and relentless from the Mosaic and Citra hops.


Overall Score: 8.9

Space Cake looks like a sexy Instagram model with a dark, hoppy complexion and perfect carbonation. The palate is moderate to high in hops, and the flavors are bold and rich. The taste meets the robust brewery description with intense malts and noticeable citrus flavors. The juiciness is light, which lets the hops play the lead role. This is a perfectly crafted double IPA that targets a wide audience. One of my favorite bars keeps Space Cake on tap year around; it’s an easy selection when you want to rotate between a whiskey, cocktail, and beer (if you’re not having all three, is it really a good time?) This is an incredible beer with great can art. It looks like an alternate version of the Green Lantern, who just slammed a few beers and is ready to go save the galaxy. Cheers to heroism…and Degenerates!


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