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Space Cupcake Clown Shoes Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.5 Space Cupcake is a hop-forward 6% IPA that exceeds expectations with bolder flavors and exceptional malts.


Brewery Insights: Space Cupcake has a cool excerpt about it on the brewery’s website that was 100% written by someone on psychedellics. Keeping this about the beer, Space Cupcake has a malt backbone and juicy hop profile that exceed the 6% ABV.


Overall Score: 7.5

Space Cupcake has a darker tint for a 6% IPA that claims to have juicy hops. The palate follows the appearance rather than the brewery’s description as you’re greeted with moderate hops and delicious malts. The flavors are decently bold and taste closer to an 8% IPA, which is a strong endorsement. It’s difficult to find hoppy IPAs at this ABV, but Space Cupcake leverages a great brewing process to deliver a solid beer. The citrus and juicy tasting notes are light and play a supporting role rather than being front and center in the palate (a personal preference).

Degenerate Discussion

Space Cupcake is a deceiving name as it’s not the typical pint you had your buddy that’s an IPA enthusiast. This happened to me when my friend told me to stop tucking my dick and give this beer to a child. He changed his tune after the initial sip, realizing this is a dope 6% IPA with good hops. Here’s to hoping Blanket Jackson (Michael’s son) becomes a UFC Heavyweight Champion to continuing defying the label you receive with a soft as fuck name. Cheers to Blanket and all Degenerates!


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