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Stash IPA Independence Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 6.3 Stash IPA is a straightforward beer with moderate hops and light citrus notes. It’s a typical IPA experience.


Brewery Insights: Independence Brewing makes a bold claim that Stash IPA is the Chronic of IPAs with enlightening hops and a simple malt bill. The intended tasting notes are citrus, dank, and pine.


Overall Score: 6.3

Stash IPA has a common IPA color with a darker yellow tint. The palate is above average with mild hops and moderate bitters, which blend with the malts to create a balanced profile. The citrus notes are light and don’t exceed the hops. Little stands out, but it’s easy-drinking and a decent IPA offering.

Degenerate Discussion

Stash IPA makes a bold statement that this beer is the Chronic of IPAs, and they fall on their face faster than a double-faded Degenerate. They need to slow their roll using that iconic phrase for an above average beer. Dr. Dre remains the only person worthy of using that term. We were blessed in 1992 and 2001 for his incredible albums, but we barely feel appreciation drinking this IPA. It’s not bad, but it ain’t The Chronic. Cheers Degenerates!


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