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Strawberry Blonde Spoetzl Brewing (Shiner) Review

Overall Score: 5.9. Strawberry Blonde is exactly what you expect from Shiner; a solid wheat beer with balanced strawberry flavors that lead to a good experience.


Brewery Insights: Shiner Strawberry Blonde shocks everyone by leveraging strawberries in the brewing process (if that surprises you, leave this site and never come back). The malt bill implements wheat and pale malt for a crisp finish.


Overall Score: 5.9

Strawberry Blonde has a touch of color in the appearance, which gives you hope for more flavor. The initial drink validates the darker color as you taste the wheated malt, followed by moderate strawberry flavors. The brewery deserves respect for balancing malt with the sweeter strawberry profile of the beer. When you purchase beer, you don’t want to get swindled into a seltzer. Strawberry Blonde is good choice for consumers seeking a wheat beer with a lighter ABV, or anyone looking for a summer beer to drink poolside (maybe between shots and burgers if you’re a piece of shit like me). Cheers Degenerates!


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