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Super Stash IPA Independence Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 6.0 Super Stash misses the mark with hops, but offers fruit flavors and great malts in a decent IPA.


Brewery Insights: Super Stash IPA doesn’t have a dedicated page on Independence’s site…and probably doesn’t deserve it.


Overall Score: 6.0

Super Stash IPA has a gorgeous, dark color that brings a smile to my face as I anticipate the experience; however, looks can be deceiving. Super Stash is a deceptive son of a bitch as the immediate tasting notes are citrus and tropical flavors, which is frustrating as the can claims to be ‘hop charged.’ The palate is dominated by fruit flavors and intense, tasty malts, but the hops are limited and lost in the mixture. This beer is disappointing as the original Stash IPA is hoppier at 7% ABV. Ultimately, it’s a decent beer that doesn’t meet expectations, but it’s not bad.

Degenerate Discussion

Super Stash IPA (8.2%) is the twin that you think will be hotter, but turns out dumber and worse looking. Stash IPA (7%) has the edge in all aspects, except the diversity of malts. This beer proves the trope that the original is always better and a sequel sucks more cock than a prostitute (Return of the Living Dead, Jaws, Speed 2, and every Madea movie ever made). We’re exaggerating a bit as we didn’t hate this beer, but it’s not as good as it looks and it doesn’t exceed the standard set by the predecessor. Cheers Degenerates!


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