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Sweet Baby Jesus DuClaw Brewing Co Review

Overall Score: 7.2 Sweet Baby Jesus will have you screaming the name! This Porter has a delicious chocolate peanut butter smell and taste to it! One Sip will have you exclaim the name!


Brewery Insights: A classic full-bodied chocolate peanut butter porter with a smooth, dry finish & flavors of roasted malt, chocolate, & rich peanut butter. One sip and you will… exclaim the name!


Overall Score: 7.2

Sweet Baby Jesus has a dark chocolate appearance that is similar to a stout. The nose right off the bat smells just like a chocolate peanut butter Nutty Bar. The aromas of chocolate peanut butter hinted with a smoky taste has this porter tasting a bit weird off the taste buds. It does have a rich peanut taste with a bit of bitter chocolate the more I sip. Its a medium to high bitterness with a low to mid ABV but enjoyable. Overall this porter is a great addition if you are feeling a “desert beer.”

Degenerate Discussion

Sweet Baby Jesus! Oh Lord Jesus Its a Fire! For some odd reason, porters and stouts kind of remind me of a camp fire, or a watered ash tray. I’m not shitting on this particular porter since I did enjoy it but I do sense once in a while of a wet ash tray. I don’t smoke but my father did and any time I was out side near an ash tray I’d hate it. I do think Jesus would enjoy this porter though rolling down the street smokin’ endo sippin’ on SWEET BABY JESUS! Cheers and Amen You Degenerate Fucks!


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