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Tangerine Suncrush Suncrush Beverage Review

Overall Score: 7.8 A cold-conditioned sparkling ale, Suncrush is made for that summer day by the poolside.


Brewery Insights: A cold-conditioned sparkling ale, Suncrush is made with crushed fruit, matcha green tea (a natural source of caffeine and antioxidants), and natural flavors. Suncrush is also gluten- reduced and all-natural.


Overall Score: 7.8

Suncrush has a nice carbonated orange pour to it with little but noticeable bubbles foaming up top. To the nose and flavor, you can smell and taste the tangerine flavor that dominates this sparkling ale. This has a nice balance with bitterness and malt which its character screams tangerine however, I do not notice much of a matcha green tea flavor to it all which again its not a bad thing but something you would expect to taste based of the brewery insight. Overall this refreshing sparkling ale is an enjoyable drink that can be sipped on a nice summer day poolside.

Degenerate Discussion

In my teenaged days me and a few degenerate friends would go pick apples from my parents apple tree, loading them up in a trash bag for a degenerate event. This event had to be taken placed at night, preferable in another neighbors yard, but we use to throw these apples at oncoming cars which we had that great satisfaction of an apple smacking into a car. Knowing now as an adult that our cars are expensive and we don’t tread lightly when things happen to them (unless you have a Geo Metro or some shit). Now this beautiful story has nothing to do with tangerines but to have a point, if that apple tree was a tangerine tree we would of still picked them and threw them at your cars. Cheers Degenerates!


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