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The Beast With No Name Clown Shoes Brewing Review

Overall Score: 8.0 The Beast With No Name is a creative stout that blends barleywine and barrel aging to provide a complex and tasty palate.


  • Price (1 can): $10
  • Style: Imperial Stout (N/A IBU)
  • ABV: 10.5%
  • Brewery: Clown Shoes Brewing
  • Location: Boston, MA

Brewery Insights: The Beast With No Name is an imperial stout blended with barleywine ale aged in rum, rye and bourbon barrels (quite the process).


Overall Score: 8.2

The Beast With No Name offers moderate sweetness that balances well with 10.5% ABV. The mouth feel is medium and the barleywine comes through in the palate to make this a unique concoction. This is a complex stout with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. The flavors stand out individually, like something I’ve never had before. For those that enjoy Clown Shoes or stouts, this is a great selection.

Degenerate Discussion

The Beast With No Name sounds like a one night stand that you never want to tell your friends about. However, it happens to be the name of an incredible stout from an amazing brewery. This is a beer you’ll brag about to your friends, which is the opposite of that gal you brought home due to the beer goggles. I feel like I’m probably the hideous one night stand for some girl out there. To her and our Degenerates, I say cheers!


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