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The Groover Lucky Bucket Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.2 The Groover looks exceptional and tastes decent, providing a solid experience for a 7% IPA. The company is on to something though with the hybrid distillery and brewery. They also offer vodka, rum, and whiskey.


Brewery Insights: The Groover is an IPA seeking to provide a smooth, hoppy experience with mellow malt that will put you in the mood to groove!…one thing is certain, the Degenerates did not create that comment. It was tough to write that shit.


Overall Score: 6.2

The Groover has a nice, dark tint for a 7% IPA, which suggests bolder flavors, intense malts, and elevated hops. The palate doesn’t quite live up to the appearance, but the flavors are decent and the hops are moderate. It’s a tasty IPA and worth the purchase. Bolder palates will prefer other IPAs, but everyone will enjoy this and some will love it depending on preferences. The brewery website is worth checking out. They combine a distillery (Cut Spike) and brewery (Lucky Bucket) under one umbrella, which is a personal dream, so shoutout to them. Their beer catalogue looks interesting and will have us coming back for more. If the Degenerates ever have the pleasure of meeting the owners of Lucky Bucket, the only feedback we’ll provide them is to fire the person that named this beer. Otherwise, cheers Degenerates!


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