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The Original Tradition Craft Lager Tradition Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.1 This clean malt focused German lager is a nice smooth easy drinking beer that will have you enjoying each sip!


Brewery Insights: clean, malt-focused German lager with a gentle, bready malt character. It’s a smooth, easy-drinking beer.


Overall Score: 7.1

The Original Tradition Craft Lager has a nice golden pour with a foamy top. The aroma has a malty character to it with minimum hops. The palate has a nice smooth easy taste to it which can be enjoyed on these nice summer days. Overall with the taste this lager doesn’t do much in which it can taste a bit watery but not really in a bad way. If you are around the Hampton Roads area, I’d recommend trying one of this Traditional Craft Lagers at Tradition Brewing Company.

Degenerate Discussion

Tradition is a great thing, some people host holiday dinners, cook out, have family reunions and even stop at there local strip club after work. My favorite tradition back in the day before going out was taking 12 shots of Grey Goose in 12 minutes (one shot per minute) I’d mind you this was a pregame before going out to drink more. How our livers survived this brilliant tradition I have no clue.


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