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The PastryArchy Mexican Hot Chocolate DuClaw Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 7.7. The PastryArchy Mexican Hot Chocolate Brown Ale has a tootsie roll taste to it. I highly recommend this if you are into brown ales that taste like chocolate!


Brewery Insights: Originating in Mexico, hot chocolate has evolved as its been adopted all over the world. This brown ale is a nod an early iteration of the traditional favorite, made with a bit of spice, deep chocolate, & lactose. (Oh, and drink it cold. The ‘hot’ refers to the spice, not the temp!) Medium bodied, mildly sweet, chocolate undertones throughout, with a hint of cinnamon spice.


Overall Score: 7.7

The PastryArchy Mexican Hot Chocolate Brown Ale is a rich and clear dark brown beer. It smells just like it tastes (hot chocolate) and that’s definitely a good thing if you are a fan of unique ales like this. The more I sip the more I think of it tasting like a tootsie roll, especially for the after taste. You do get a sense of a light carbonation with a bit of chili/pepper spice when you wash it down. “Maryland Made” in Baltimore, MD which I have a soft spot for the city and a hard on for the girls. If anyone ever ends up in the area, I’d recommend going to DuClaw Brewing Company for a brew. Then venture out to the Inner Harbor to find some great Maryland Crabs, whether it be the ones you eat, or the ones you get on your genitals. Cheers Degenerates!


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