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Top 10 Whiskeys Under $40

These are the best priced whiskeys and great deals on a budget. This list is for a whiskey beginner or someone looking to build a collection. The lists includes a variety or whiskey types, accessibility, and prices.

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1. Elijah Craig Small Batch – $30

Visit Elijah Craig Small Batch for the full Degenerate review. Elijah Craig leverages 8-12 year aging partnered with a small batch process to create an enjoyable experience for all whiskey drinkers. The palate provides moderate heat with complex flavors that continue after the initial drink. The taste and finish are difficult to match at the price, but the smoothness may be limiting to those with a bolder palate. This is a quality bottle and a must-have for all consumers.

2. Four Roses Single Barrel – $39

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3. Buffalo Trace – $26

Visit Buffalo Trace for the full Degenerate review. Buffalo Trace is the flagship bourbon of one of the greatest distilleries in the world and it shouldn’t be a surprise they create a special whiskey at a low price. It’s smooth with limited heat but generates diverse flavors that make it a special experience and causes you to be jealous of 2010 when it was easy to find in stores.

4. Old Forester Rye – $24

Visit Old Forester Rye for the full Degenerate review. Old Forester is a personal favorite as a distillery and they create an impressive 100 proof rye whiskey at an unbeatable price. OF Rye is best enjoyed neat rather than in a cocktail like many of its competitors. It offers moderate complexity, spiced flavors, and a long lasting finish.

5. Weller Special Reserve – $19

Visit Weller Special Reserve for the full Degenerate review. Weller Special Reserve uses a unique, wheated mashbill to provide rich flavors and a smooth palate/finish. Weller is highly recommended to those beginning their whiskey journey or for sharing with friends. The heat is low and the complexity is limited but this is enjoyable to a wide audience and an incredible taste for a low price. If you’re fortunate enough to find a bottle, buy two.

6. Monkey Shoulder – $30

Visit Monkey Shoulder for the full Degenerate review. Monkey Shoulder is a blended scotch whiskey that could swap the word ‘blended’ for balanced; this may not appear to be a sexy adjective describing whiskey, but here it plays perfectly as this is a great whiskey for those seeking out scotch for the first time or enjoying a relaxing drink at home. The flavor is smooth with added complexity which pairs well with the low price to make this a common bottle among collectors and regular drinkers. Just don’t expect something truly ‘unique’ or you may be let down.

7. Henry McKenna Single Barrel – $36

Visit Henry McKenna Single Barrel for the full Degenerate review. Henry McKenna is difficult to find and it’s unfortunate. This is a well-balanced whiskey with moderate heat and a great flavor profile. It is one of the best whiskeys on the market considering its price and taste; not to mention the uniqueness of aging, proof, single barrel processing and bottled-in-bond (talk about checking a lot of boxes for a collection). This whiskey is enjoyed neat or in any preferred form.

8. Glenmorangie – $33

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9. Woodford Reserve Rye – $32

Visit Woodford Reserve Rye for the full Degenerate review. Woodford Reserve Rye offers a great rye whiskey for consumers that have limited experience with ryes. The 53% rye mash bill is low for a rye whiskey and is welcomed by those developing a palate or drinkers that do not frequently consume their whiskey neat. WF Rye has a smooth taste, subtle spice, and is great in cocktails. This is common whiskey if you’re collecting or hosting parties.

10. Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond – $39

Visit Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond for the full Degenerate review. Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond is nearly impossible to find, but you should continue the hunt to place this whiskey on your shelf. This 7 year bourbon is enjoyed by new and experienced whiskey drinkers and has diverse flavors with a rich, smooth finish. Some may not agree with how much we love this bourbon, but they should get their own website and go f…never mind.

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