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Vixen Old Bust Head Brewery Co Review

Overall Score: 6.0. This medium bodied Irish Style Red Ale is an average beer and may not be for the hoppy.


Brewery Insights: Our deep amber Vixen Irish Red, has a luster as rich as the thick-coated red fox that roams the local wood.  Medium bodied, with a clean finish, Vixen draws you in with a sweet caramel allure up front and gives chase with hints of roasted malt through the taste.  A tea-like soft bitterness on the backend is so pleasing, you just may find you’re reaching for another glass of this wily brew. 


Overall Score: 6.0

Vixen is a Irish Style Red Ale with a nice clear amber pour topping it off with a light foam. The notes give you hints of malty caramel with no signs of hop. The taste was decent with a nice balance which you could taste the sweet and almost no hoppy flavor of this Red Ale. Overall this beer was enjoyable for what kind of style it was being a Irish Style Red Ale. Its very easy to drink if you are not looking for a hoppy IPA or a pale ale.

Degenerate Discussion

So Vixen can be descripted as a female fox or if you want to get spicy, it could be a spirited or fierce woman especially once seen as sexually attractive. If this beer was a girl name Vixen, she would be an above average foxy lady with the nickname ol’ bust head Vixen, kind of hot but kind of not. Cheers Degenerates!


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