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Whiskey Barrel Stout Boulevard Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 8.5 Whiskey Barrel Stout has average creativity…but it is perfect in everything else. This is the go-to beer to truly appreciate an expertly, crafted chocolate-espresso stout aged in whiskey barrels.


  • Price (4 pack): $16
  • Style: Imperial Stout (32 IBU)
  • ABV: 11.8%
  • Brewery: Boulevard Brewing
  • Location: Kansas City, MO

Brewery Insights: Whiskey Barrel Stout provides espresso, whiskey, vanilla and chocolate notes with a unique palate from wheat, oats and malted barely rye.


Overall Score: 8.5

Whiskey Barrel Stout is a classic among the drinking community and receives exceptional scores across various platforms. Our take isn’t unique; this is a near perfect stout that balances tasting notes of whiskey, chocolate, and espresso (all come through with moderate flavors). If you wanted to show someone a great stout, this is the one. The only detractor is that there’s limited creativity. This beer has the all the common characteristics of a stout, but the execution is perfect.

Degenerate Discussion

Whiskey Barrel Stout is the old reliable of the stout genre…It’s more reliable than your dog when your spouse is being a cunt (this includes shitty husbands). Fortunately, we’re the only site that sneaks cunt a review, which further proves the uniqueness of Drinking With Degenerates. To get back on track, WBS is an incredible beer and one every stout enthusiast should try, and not just once. Cheers Degenerates!


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