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Wild Turkey Rare Breed Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 8.0 Wild Turkey Rare Breed has bold flavors aligned with the barrel proof distilling. The complexity is average but it has a great finish, which makes this a bottle we recommend.


  • Price: $49
  • Proof: 116.8 (58.4% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • Distillery: Wild Turkey
  • Visit the distillery page at Wild Turkey Rare Breed


Nose: The nose offers great aromas and suggests strong, complex flavors. It smells approachable even at the 117 proof distilling. The color is appealing with a dark copper.

Palate: Rare Breed’s heat comes early and often with bold flavors, but it has great balance and a level of smoothness to it. The flavors provide average complexity and continue for a few seconds. The intensity may be too much for someone that doesn’t commonly drink whiskey neat. This bottle is great on ice for a slightly reduced proof and chilled drink. We have a friend that prefers their drink chilled, and this is one of their top whiskeys. This is a step above Wild Turkey 101 and appreciated by anyone that prefers higher proof whiskey. The price is also reasonable for the value you receive. For outside the box thinking, this makes a dope old fashioned cocktail.

Finish: The finish gets better with every drink. I notice different whiskey notes and savor it the more I consume (very Degenerate-like). It has medium to high heat on the initial drink, but it lowers as your palate becomes accustomed to it. This allows you to identify unique flavors for a good experience.


Overall Score: 8.0 (score reflects taste and price)

Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a fan favorite for Degenerates that enjoy barrel proof distilling and bolder flavors. This whiskey gets better with every drink and offers a unique experience. The complexity of Rare Breed could be improved to make it one of the strongest high proof bottles, but it comes up just short. This is still a bottle we highly recommend and can be enjoyed in various ways – neat, on ice, or in a strong cocktail.

Degenerate Discussion

First off, Rare Breed is a legit name. Wild Turkey makes amazing whiskey, and its good to see they know how to properly market. It’s crazy that professional success and the ability to name things are nearly impossible combinations. If you don’t believe me, consider all the insane celebrities that ruined their children’s’ lives with wacky names. To make it easier for you, check out this list from USA Today. Celebrities are as detached from reality as Rachel Dolezal, who became a celebrity as a white woman pretending to be black (hahahaha). Fortunately, Wild Turkey figured it out and comes through with a great name for a delicious whiskey. In closing, I love that Elon was like, ‘hold my beer’ when he had his most recent child and named it something none of us even understand. Our simple advice is give your children normal names, buy Rare Breed, and cheers Degenerates!


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