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Wild Turkey Single Barrel Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 7.7 Wild Turkey Single Barrel offers exceptional flavors and provides the experience you expect based on Wild Turkey 101. This is a great whiskey and should appeal to many.


  • Price: $68
  • Proof: 101 (50.5% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • Distillery: Wild Turkey
  • Visit the distillery page at Wild Turkey Single Barrel


Nose: This is a great smelling bourbon. The alcohol scent is subtle for a 101 proof, single barreled whiskey. The flavors power through, causing you to expect added complexity. The color is a light copper, darker than Wild Turkey 101, but average in the whiskey market.

Palate: The heat is moderate and approachable to all consumers in the beginning, as the flavors begin to quickly take over. Wild Turkey is among the best bourbon distilleries in the world and there’s high expectations for this single barrel offering. Fortunately, they come through with a quality whiskey that has outstanding flavor. There are many diverse whiskey notes, which provides an above average experience. This is a solid whiskey with rich flavors, and the moderate heat lands it in the ‘sweet spot’ (not the G spot) for all consumers…to be fair, this whiskey is probably closer to the G spot than I’ll ever be.

Finish: This is a well-balanced and near perfect bourbon. I prefer bolder whiskeys over this when forced to compare, but this whiskey checks every box and is above average in a few areas (complexity and character). This is a must have for all collectors and a great option for someone with a few bottles.


Overall Score: 7.7 (score reflects taste and price)

Wild Turkey Single Barrel doesn’t change the game, but it does everything right. The complexity and flavor of this whiskey rivals most bottles in the same price range, which is a bold statement. The only detractor is the moderate heat and lack of bold flavors (see how I used bold in a positive/negative context? gotta keep you guessing). The composite score of this whiskey from a broad audience (new whiskey drinkers, experienced drinkers, various palates, etc.) would be extremely high. This is exactly what you expect from a single barrel whiskey distilled by Wild Turkey…but it’s not significantly more than you expect. A great taste and worthy purchase.

Degenerate Discussion

I’m writing this review from Texas with a few inches of snow on the ground. That sentence has only been said once in my 5 years of residency. For that reason, I’m glad I poured a glass of Wild Turkey Single Barrel to enjoy the moment at home. If whiskey was stocks, I would be bullish on this bourbon based on my experience. True story, I was not impressed the first time I had this, likely due to my high expectations given the distillery and single barreling. However, going back through all my whiskeys for reviews has elevated my palate (at least I think so…I need to claim it anyway to have this site, right?). With my improved palate, this whiskey stands out among the past 50 reviews. This is solid single barrel and one you should purchase. Cheers Degenerates!


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