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Wolf Picker Odell Brewing Co. Review

Overall score 4.5. Wolf Picker is a low ABV and low IBU IPA that tastes exactly as those comments suggest.


The brewery suggests Wolf Picker is intended to celebrate relationships with hop farmers. This beer offers experimental hops and attempts to provide mango and pineapple, while balancing mellow malt. The IBU is on the lower end for an IPA.


Overall Score: 4.5

I feel like the Wolf Picker is proof the Odell Brewing Co. hates their hop farmers and could give a shit about their harvesting rigs (called a Wolf Picker). An eyebrow should immediately raise when you see 41 IBU and 5.5%, and unfortunately, your instincts are 100% accurate. This beer offers limited flavors and is exactly what you expect. Those that enjoy a lighter IPA will enjoy this offering. It’s a pretty average (even decent) low hop IPA, which is why it gets a few extra points on the score. Cheers Degenerates!


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