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Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Review

Overall Score: 6.5 Woodford Reserve Double Oaked provides a complex flavor, paired with low heat. Tame to the experience drinker, but a great add to a collection


  • Price: $57
  • Proof: 90.4 (45.2% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • Distillery: Woodford Reserve
  • Visit the distillery page at Woodford Reserve


Nose: The nose begins with an impression of a higher proof whiskey than you’re about to consume. A more refined nose than mine, would likely pick out a lot of complexity in that offering. The whiskey is much darker than regular Woodford Reserve, lending itself to the deeper flavor that you can expect.

Palate: When first drinking the Double Oaked, you’re greeted with an immediate full bodied experience in the taste. Thanks to the double barrel aging process, this bourbon is packed with quite a bit of flavor. What the whiskey offers in flavor, it lacks in heat. At only 90.4 proof, the Double Oaked gives you plenty of flavor, but leaves you wanting that burn at the end. Owing to the complex flavor, and impotent heat levels, the Double Oaked is a great introduction to the slightly more expensive bottles.

Finish: The deeper you climb in to your glass, the more flavors you will likely experience, making the overall experience once that remains enjoyable to the end. The previously mentioned lack of heat becomes more noticeable the more you have, it’s a great whiskey to begin the night with, but will taste a little weak if you’ve been enjoying any higher proof whiskeys that day.


Overall Score: 6.5 (score reflects taste and price)

Double Oaked is a whiskey that provides a nice deep flavor, but doesn’t overwhelm you with heat. It does a great job as an introduction to the world of slightly higher priced bottles, but for the price tag, I find myself reaching for a higher proof option. This bottle is one I try to keep stocked in my bar. It’s a great option for those who are beginning to try what the various aging processes have to offer.

Degenerate Discussion

Double Oaked (seriously, the whole name is a real mouthful), was the first “expensive” bottle of bourbon I purchased in my whiskey journey. I had tried a number of less expensive options, and was looking for an approachable mid-price bottle. It’s not going to be the most complex whiskey you try for the price point, but it’s like the Mila Kunis of bourbon. It’s got plenty going for it, but it still feels very approachable (but, unlike Mila, this whiskey isn’t hot).

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