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You Gotta Horchata Prairie Artisan Ales Review

Overall Score: 7.0 You Gotta Horchata is a great imperial stout, but a slightly above average Prairie stout. The cinnamon and vanilla flavor is unique and well-balanced. Horchata is a beer worth trying.


Brewery Insights: You Gotta Horchata is a special release imperial stout brewed with cinnamon, vanilla and sugar.


Overall Score: 7.0

You Gotta Horchata is your typical imperial stout in appearance, but the foam has a unique orangish tint, likely from the cinnamon flavoring. Horchata is on par with other Prairie releases, but it’s a fantastic stout compared to the overall market. I would place this towards the middle of the 20-ish Prairie stouts I’ve enjoyed, which is a high compliment considering it’s one of the best craft breweries and is number one for stouts. Horchata’s sweetness is on the higher end with the added sugar coming through. The cinnamon is light but noticeable and the vanilla brings balance to the beer, which leaves you saying, “Yep, that’s a horchata stout.” No surprise, Prairie crafted another delicious beer. The sweetness will limit consumers most to one. For those that don’t stop there, you’re our inspiration and the real MVP (#KD). Cheers Degenerates!


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